Islamic marriage contracts are offered at the Prayer Center by appointment only.

Requirements are:

  1. Marriage      license from Cook County court. (Please notify us beforehand if you live      outside Cook County.)
  2. Both      groom and bride must bring a valid photo identification card like      passport, driver license, ID card.
  3. Bride      must be accompanied by her father or guardian.
  4. There      must be two Muslim male witnesses to sign on the contract.
  5. An      amount of dowry (Mahr) between the two families must be agreed prior to      the marriage ceremony.
  6. The      Islamic ceremony cannot be conducted on the same day the marriage license      is obtained from the court. By law, 24 hours must pass before conducting      the marriage ceremony.
  7. There      is no fee for the Islamic marriage ceremony but donations are graciously      welcomed.


Islamic divorce contracts are offered at the Prayer Center per appointment only.

Requirements are:

  1. Divorce      papers finalized from the civil court.
  2. The      presence of the husband to sign divorce papers. In rare cases phone calls      instead of in-person appearance will suffice.
  3. The      wife must communicate details of the delayed amount of dowry with the      Imam, in-person or per phone communication.
  4. There      are no fees required for the Islamic divorce but donations are graciously      welcomed.


Counseling sessions are available at the Prayer Center by appointment.


  1. Social,      family, grief, and marital counseling sessions only.
  2. Religious      counseling only. We do not offer professional counseling at this time.
  3. In      most cases counseling shall be limited to three sessions only.


4- Funeral 

First, start by choosing a cemetary destination.
Next, arrange for pre-burial processes. This includes: 

• Ghusl (the ritual body bathing) 

• Kafan (dressing) 

• Janaza Prayer (Islamic Funeral prayer)


1- Greenwood memorial park

Kurdish Garden

4300 Imperial Avenue
 San Diego, CA 92113

2-The Islamic Center of San Diego has acquired a new Islamic burial ground called: 

Al-Rahma Garden
at La Vista Memorial Park
3191 Orange Street
National City, CA 91950
Tel: 619-475-7770